DriverFinder Network is a suite of websites owned and operated by The MarWel Company LLC founded by Marge Bailey, the online network's creator and still today she is the CEO and operations manager as well as the 'Face' of DFN. This network is dedicated solely to the trucking industry. Since 1997, Marge's goal has been to encourage those searching or entering into the trucking industry to use her jobs board service to search for and apply to some of the top companies in the world, especially, but not exclusively, women. She has been an industry guest contributor on SiriusXM on a regular basis since 2007 and was invited by the FreeWheelin' show because of her website, launched online in 2000. Marge believes Diversity Matters!

In 2002 Marge launched mainly due to her research of vital statistics that revealed and continues to report that qualified diesel mechanics are as much of a hiring shortage challenge as finding qualified tractor trailer drivers.

Personal assistance and user satisfaction is the founder's business model and has proven to be the #1 testimony given by DFN's job seekers and employer advertiser subscribers since the launch of the network in 1998 supporting the fact that service on a personal level is priceless.

Marge Bailey is also a proven expert for Adwords PPC management for the trucking industry. She managed USA Truck of Van Buren AR's Adwords campaigns successfully from June of 2006 to August of 2013. USAT's Steve Brantley will be happy to share his experience [working with Marge] with any company interested in contracting her for any or all levels of their Adwords' campaign advertising. Due to hiring a new ad agency who took over of all USAT's advertising accounts as part of their contract agreement, Marge has a PPC client opening. Steve can be reached at 800.826.9988 x 23630 for a performance reference and welcomes all inquiries.

Contact Marge by phone at 866.205.6593 x1 or use the Contact Us form on this site.