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Trucking Jobs openings are plentiful in the USA. Quality companies are constantly in search of qualified truck drivers and diesel mechanics. Here at the DriverFinder Network truck drivers will find the Best of the Best trucking companies who are hiring local, regional and over the road experienced, professional, drivers. Trucking companies who not only offer full benefits but who care about drivers' home time and quality of family life. Depending on who's posting jobs at the time of your visit, you could find transport freight companies as well as several non-trucking companies who employ truck drivers for various type freight and haulage work and mechanics who keep the equipment running safely and in good repair. Equipment offered ranges from Dry Van, Flatbed, Refer, Tanker, Furniture Movers, Waste Disposal, Fracking, Oil Fields, Wide Load, to Delivery Van 4-Wheeled trucks. Positions range from OTR, Regional to Local for Company Drivers and offers Independent Contractors contracts that keep their expenses paid with the chance to grow their business & prosper. Truck driving is one of the few jobs that pay women the same as men.

Our diversified trucking employment job posts for transportation and manufacturing companies who transport their own product attract men and women behind the wheel and under the hood. 

YES! There is a huge shortage of QUALIFIED truck drivers (about 40,000 according to government sources) and recent CDL grads in our country for hard working, adventurous male and female truckers and diesel mechanics. DFN provides trucking employers and job seekers an easy to navigate jobs board suite of websites dedicated to keeping America and Canada moving on the big road!

While some people view driving big rigs a dangerous profession we agree, it is not a cake walk. Not everyone is cut out to be a long haul trucker. However if you love the open road to adventure, you don't mind the hard work and occasional road/traffic conditions, truck driving can be an exciting experience for those who like making a good, honest living on the big road. We encourage men and women from all walks of life to apply!

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